New franchise for Best for … in Maroussi(

At 8 Dimitros Sreet in Maroussi,launched the new franchise for Best for … with innovative, high-design and low-cost products, with more than 8,000 items meeting the most needs of all age and income groups.

“BEST FOR …” refers to a new approach that combines quality and smart design with affordable price – a combination that creates a completely competitive value to the consumer, aiming at a large increase in sales volume and achieving high profitability rates, resulting in a quick depreciation of the initial investment.


Best for… Reached Cooperation Agreement with Peraia Successfully

On May 7 , 2018, Best for…  a famous brand successfully signed strategic cooperation agreement with Peraia. On that very day, Best for’s global founder and CEO Mr. Levedis George and the representatives and executives of Peraia group attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

Mr. Leventis George addressed the signing ceremony centering on the cooperation between Best for… and Peraia. He believed that as Peraia is a tourist area which offers to the guests a pleasant climate and relaxation. This nice climate blends neatly with Best for… store. So, it brings even more joy to visitors and local consumers.


Exciting news for Best for …

Exciting news for Best for …

We are excited to announce that Best for … life philosophy, high Design retail stores , growing rapidly known for selling high quality products with reasonable price , expanding by opening another new store in Alexandroupolis the next month. One more new location in Greece was added to the Best for … map. In particular, on 10 March 2018 the Best for… with great pleasure signed a cooperation agreement with the city of Alexandroupolis.


Best for … is also in Athens

Best for… Expand its Cooperation with Greece , Speeding up the expanding process of the company in central Greece.

On March 20, 2018, Best for… with great pleasure reached strategic cooperation agreement with Athens and in particular at Marousi. The founder and CEO of the company Mr. Leventis Georgios also indicated that there will be more than 20 stores established in Greece, providing “high-quality, creative and affordable” products to local consumers. Formally, both parties agreed signing the contract and set great expectations on the future development of Best for… store at Marousi. It has been known that both sides have attached great importance to the cooperation for the development of the leading franchise stores of Best for … Greece is a strategic location connecting Europe and Africa. It has a long history and is honored as the cradle of “Western Civilization”. Best for… , a world-renowned brand, entering this potential market by virtue of its cost-effective products, excellent product design and comfortable shopping experience, is confident of providing the Greeks with intelligent, healthy and happy shopping experience, so as to promote local economic


 Best for…. Reached Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Montenegro


Best for … accelerates its global expansion and reached a cooperation agreement with Montenegro.

Best for … has signed a cooperation with Montenegro, accelerating its expansion into the European market, driving retail sales in Montenegro and making firm promises to the future retail industry. On March 28, 2018, Best for …, the franchise retail stores, signed the final cooperation agreement between the two countries.As Best for … has extensive experience abroad and excellent management system, the company distinguish that the Best for … store at Podgorica will succeed great achievement in Montenegro with “high quality, creativity and affordability” products.


Best for… life philosophy extends to the island of Crete

hrakleioBest for… life philosophy extends to the island of Crete.

“BEST FOR …” the company that supports the great importance of the philosophy of “simple” and “natural” in the quality of human life. Believing in the concepts of “returning to Nature” and “restoring the essence of the product” could not fail to cooperate with Crete and, in particular, its largest city, Heraklion. Heraklion has the way to enchant every visitor. It captivates and seduces the senses with its impressive and majestic landscape, but also with its open-hearted and vivacious spirit, history and its hospitable people. Specifically, on March 20, the Best for.. and Heraklion signed a cooperation contract, creating a new perspective for the retail development in Crete.


BEST FOR.. extends at Dodecanese

dodekanhsa-bestforThe Best for… life philosophy extends at Dodecanese, a dozen island beauties on the edge of the aegean

Worldwide identifiable. Cosmopolitan and traditional. Timeless and modern. Spectacular and simple. An important attraction for tourism. Rhodes is more than sure to fascinate you. These were the reasons why the company proceeded to sign cooperation with Rhodes.On March 26, 2018, the Best for… life philosophy and Rhodes became official partners, creating the best background for the sure success of this choice.


Best for…Reached in Albania

albania-bestfor-3Best for…Reached in Albania, Liberating the Younger Generation’s Shopping Stress.

On January 30, 2018, Best for.., successfully managed to cooperate the agreement with Albania, taking a step forward to its global expansion.
The founder and CEO of the company Mr. Leventis Georgios expressed his gratitude to the Albanias for their trust and support to Best for… He also indicated that there will be one store in center of Tirana providing high-quality, creative and affordable products to local consumers, relieving their shopping stress and bringing happiness to them.
Mr. Leventis Georgios believed that with the positive brand image, new retail model and huge flow of customers, Best for… will inject new vitality to Albania’s retail market, and realize the growth of the local real economy.


Cooperation BEST FOR in Italy

italy-bestfor-2Best for … completed the cooperation agreement with Italy, extending it gradually to the whole world.

On 10 January 2018, Best for … signed the cooperation agreement between Italy and Greece.
Knowing that Italy is one of the leading fashion design countries and that fashion has always been an important part of the cultural life of the country and society, its cooperation with the company has once again demonstrated the high quality and high product design At the same time, Italians consumers have an increasing demand for product quality. Hence Best for…, characterized by high quality and affordable prices, has a bright prospect for development in Italy.
The Best for… has advocated the concept of quality life since its establishment, and it pursues a life philosophy of “simple, natural and quality” . It dedicates itself to providing customers with quality, creative and low-price products, which win favor of global consumers. In addition to providing cost-effective products, Best for… also works hard to create homelike and unforgettable shopping experience for consumers, hoping to provide every consumer with the happiness of shopping.


Best for… in Kozani (


A new store retail opened in the center of Kozani, at Makedonomachon Street 7.
It is the leading European company Best For, which is active in the creation and distribution of innovative products of great usability.
This particular company provides modern high-design products with simplicity, quality, great usability for all, high design with private label packaging at impressively low prices.
The products that can be found at the Best For Kozani store are for the whole family and home, and in particular they cover functional needs for home, health and beauty, office, gifts, seasonal products, providing and alternating more than 8,000 species.
The products of the Best For shop stand out for their high quality, paying attention and value to natural resources and environmental protection.